AI within Reason

We enhance machine intelligence with human knowledge.

Minerva brings the benefits of artificial intelligence technology to industries dependent on reasoning with complex technical and scientific data. Our technology combines machine intelligence with human intelligence to reach conclusions faster than possible with humans alone but with the explanations needed to trust the results.

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Minerva AI Platform


PERCEIVING rich and complex raw data

Human experts and machine learning methods are employed to perceive and record knowledge in various domains, as well as data pertinent to problem-solving in those domains.


DESCRIBING within a problem domain

Complex knowledge and data are expressed in the form of semantic networks suitable for cognitive reasoning. Consistent terminology is used to enable interoperability between the knowledge and the data.


REASONING to create new knowledge

Minerva’s proprietary AI platform uses logic programming and reasoning with uncertainty to produce products of value to its clients.


EXPLAINING to generate trust

Minerva’s knowledge products are auditable, and can explain why they have reached the conclusions shown in their output.

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