The Minerva AI Platform combines human domain expertise with information from public and private databases in a cognitive computer reasoning system to carry out complex tasks faster and more thoroughly than can be done by human beings. 

The rise of AI is likely to be one of the most significant trends in the technology sector over the coming years. Advances in AI are impacting companies of all sizes and in various sectors as businesses look to improve decision making, reduce operating costs and enhance consumer experiences. The concept of what defines AI has changed over time, but at its core is machines being able to perform tasks that would typically require human perception and/or cognition.

Many recent advances in AI have been achieved by applying machine learning to very large data sets. However, machine learning, in particular deep learning systems, has limitations. For example, machine learning often fails when there are limited amounts of training data available or when the test set differs importantly from the training set.  Also, it is often difficult to explain results produced by the large complex neural networks of deep learning systems.     

The Minerva AI Platform addresses these limitations. It combines neural networks and machine learning technology to identify in input data sets features about which it can reason at the cognitive level.  It then integrates semantic networks, natural language processing, logic programming and probabilistic reasoning at the knowledge processing and cognitive levels to generate results that are explainable and auditable.

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