Minerva appoints CFO, CTO-Geology and CTO-Semantics

Minerva Intelligence Inc. is pleased to announce the following appointments: 
Mr. Charles Jenkins to the position of Chief Financial Officer 

Mr. David Farrow to the position of Chief Technical Officer, Geology 

Ms. Marthe Bijman to the position of Chief Technical Officer, Semantics

Mr. Farrow will lead the application of Minerva’s existing AI applications to geological, mining and metallurgical projects.  He will also lead the team developing new applications of Minerva’s knowledge engineering technology to problem solving in the mining industry.  

Ms. Bijman will assist Minerva’s software engineers and application domain scientists, such as exploration geologists, streamline the transfer of knowledge hosted in written documents onto computers in such a way that it is amenable to logic programming, reasoning with uncertainty, and other AI technologies.


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