INSPIRE is the legislated standardization of mapping data within the European Union (EU) pertaining to 34 spatial themes with each theme having multiple specified “code lists” of words which are permitted for use. Many of these “code lists” are complex and hierarchical. Further information can be found on their website.

Under the INSPIRE initiative, the EU legislated that standardized vocabularies be used in municipal, provincial and national maps, which makes those maps highly amenable to AI applications. Standardized vocabularies incorporate complex taxonomies which require sophisticated semantic reasoning to yield useful results when the maps are used to achieve various industrial and social objectives.

This standardization of terminology on a vast scale presents a significant opportunity for Minerva to apply its technology and expertise since our technology is tightly-aligned, for auditing and explainability purposes, with adhering to data and terminology standards. 

An industry is developing around bringing many pre-2017 EU maps into compliance with the INSPIRE standard. Minerva intends to market its products and services to the €75 billion European Geospatial Industry.  Insurance companies, local and regional authorities, as well as owners of private properties are potential purchasers of Minerva’s software and services.

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